Muscle Tee Week Day 2

So these are going to be the final sets of Muscle Tee shirts that are paired with trousers…promise! Obviously the look is pretty easy to do, and it’s really fun to dress up a basic muscle tee with some funky printed bottoms. But can we get away from the easy veratility of muscle tees for a minute to discuss those flats..I love them!

To check out the set and its detail, you can visit it’s polyvore page here!


Muscle Tee Week

Untitled #3

So…I think I’m going to profess this week as Muscle Tee week. This is my second outfit made with one (though the previous set posted could pass off as just a regular tank) and I can’t get anough of them. I have a couple more saved in drafts for me to work with and I think I’ll just go ahead and make it a theme this week.

I think this is probably one of my favorite sets so far (because I’ve done so many, right?) I just feel like it has both class and attitude and who doesnt wan’t that in an outfit? Plus, it really does cater to the laziness syndrome I’ve been having lately (well, atleast the tee does).

There’s just something about muscle tees that make me feel like even though they are supposed to be really casual and carefree, they seem way more put together than just a regular scoop neck tank. Maybe its the extra skin that they allow to peek through that I find to be so flattering, but they are just perfect in my mind right now.

They also seem to work perfectly with nice trousers. Usually if I’m thinking of going casual, I feel uncomfortable if I don’t have SOMETHING on that’s more clean cut, whether it be jewelry or the bottoms I’m wearing.¬†Wearing muscle tees with loose trousers like the ones shown above is like decieving people into thinking you put a lot of thought into what you’re wearing when really you are as comfortable as the next person who threw something on. It’s just great.

As always, if interested in any of the items shown in this set, you can find more information about them on their set page here.

Knee High comfort

Knee High comfort

So this set was made with the idea of having to run errands while feeling incredibly lazy. I think the tucked in shirt and the loafers give it a clean look, but I don’t think the outfit in it’s entirety would be too fussy at all.

Laziness when it comes to getting dressed has been probably the number one adjective to describe my mood anytime I have to leave the house lately. Why is that? I know I’m not the only one who gets ready with that mindset¬†but it’s just so funny to me. I used to put so much effort into looking nice when going to school, and then you fast forward to me now where I just throw on a maxi and some flip flops and I’m out the door.
I guess it could be worse. I could be going out in cartooned pajama pants and a tank while grocery shopping.

If interested in any of the items within this set, you can follow this link to it’s polyvore set page!