Knee High comfort

Knee High comfort

So this set was made with the idea of having to run errands while feeling incredibly lazy. I think the tucked in shirt and the loafers give it a clean look, but I don’t think the outfit in it’s entirety would be too fussy at all.

Laziness when it comes to getting dressed has been probably the number one adjective to describe my mood anytime I have to leave the house lately. Why is that? I know I’m not the only one who gets ready with that mindset but it’s just so funny to me. I used to put so much effort into looking nice when going to school, and then you fast forward to me now where I just throw on a maxi and some flip flops and I’m out the door.
I guess it could be worse. I could be going out in cartooned pajama pants and a tank while grocery shopping.

If interested in any of the items within this set, you can follow this link to it’s polyvore set page!

I’m a cozy and a dressy!

I'm a cozy and a dressy!

Polyvore. Have you used it lately? Or ever?

I’ll be the first to admit that the idea of it seemed a little…cliche? It seemed that if you were into fashion and were in tune with it’s relationship with the online world, that you most likely sat around making polyvore sets with nothing else better to do. (Farfetched?)

Well (my?) stereotypes aside, I decided to finally utilize the website in its entirety and figured I would make my very own first set. My respect for this portion of the website thoroughly increased. First off, though I do not see myself creating sets with all of those fancy backgrounds and inspiration collages any time…ever…I will say that that crap takes A LOT of work. I initially thought that it was kind of silly (just being honest here..) to go through all that business just to accompany your outfit set, but they do create a really complete inside look into what the user was inspired by, which is kind of cool. Second, there have been times where I have fantasize about the wonderful things I could create if my closet was a tad bit bigger. Unfortunately, I would then be awoken by the fact that I, like most, do not have the funds to continuously feed my closet with amazing pieces to aid every expressive impulse. This website does that. The only downside is that you may not be able to wear it, BUT just the journey of selecting items and changing concepts in your head with the endless amount of options they have almost equally meets that quench for expression.

Basically, though I may be real late to the game here, this website seems to be a really good option for exploring different ideas and styles you’ve never ventured into before for free and with an endless online closet. Awesome.

If curious about any of the items posted within the image, you can visit this set on polyvore here!